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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Visio Vertices

Because literately everytime I go to do this I forget, its my Visio black hole ..

Vertices appear when you select the Line or Pencil tool !

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Humax IR problem, BlueEye to the rescue !

Replacing my Sky service with a Humax receiver has only been a good thing but the IR 'issue' was bugging me. It just wasn't up to the job in the way my room is laid out.

I settled on an IR extended from BlueEye, ordered, arrived, excelled service.

I tested it for a few days and it solved the problem. I made the final install by routing the cable through the case and tucking the IR sender into the back of the IR component on the front facing board. Its a few screws and the front pops off, all pretty simple.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Getting the cute profile picture in Google search results

Looking for something this morning and I noticed peoples picture appearing next to some searches :
Some random person
Apparently easy. Well the first part was, getting a full sign off on the webmaster snippets testing tool took a fair amount of reading.
You need :
  1. Website, Blog, or I think pretty much anything online would work as long as you can edit the code
  2. Google profile
Your going to create a link between those two things which Google magic uses to look you up in searches that hit your content.

On your site/blog create a link to your Google profile :
Your profile url will be something like :

NB// the rel="author" is the super important bit.

I already had a Google+ link (top left) on my blog so just added the rel="author"

Next step is to edit your Google profile so that it includes a link to the site you just added the link on.

Running the snippet test tool against this blog gave me a single error :
Warning: Missing required field "updated".
4 hours later and much reading I came across this which talks about enabling your blog for hatom, part of the microformats initiative - and way out of the scope for this post.

The pertinent part for me was the class='timestamp-link' section with the class 'updated'. And the part missing from my blogger template.

Edit the design of your template and go into raw edit HTML, enable the widget check box and then search for the text 'timestamp-link'.

In my template there were two entries. Add 'updated' to the class. Save and re-run the snippet test, you should be good.
<a class='timestamp-link updated' expr:href='data:post.url' rel='bookmark' title='permanent link'><abbr class='published' expr:title='data:post.timestampISO8601'><data:post.timestamp/></abbr></a>
So now you wait <insert Google time> until they get around to crawling the site and updated the index.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Enabling Cisco Call Manager (6.1) Music on Hold (MOH) Multistreaming

Enable Multicast :

global switch/router commands (VRF)

ip multicast-routing
ip pim send-rp-announce Loopback0 scope 10

ip pim send-rp-discovery scope 10

ip multicast-routing vrf

ip pim vrf INTERNAL send-rp-announce scope 100 -- Best practice is Loopback rather than interface

ip pim vrf send-rp-discovery scope 100

Add ip pim sparse-dense-mode to all Interfaces that need to participate in the multicast stream or pass traffic

Show commands :

sh ip mroute
sh ip mroute vrf INTERNAL

Output :
(*,, 01:35:57/stopped, RP, flags: SP
Incoming interface: , RPF nbr, RPF-MFD
Outgoing interface list: Null

Call Manager Config :

Enable Multicast on MOH Audio Source
Enable Multicast on MOH Server - default IP is
- enable increment port
Enable Multicast on Media Resource Group

NB//Enabling Multicast on the MRG requires endpoints to be reset to pick up the new settings, including gateways.

Something aaS

Nice article :

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A way/hack to use your own domain with Google Picasa

Assumes you already have :

a - domain
b - it being hosted somewhere with some space
c - access to create/edit .htaccess file.

Open up one of your galleries and we're looking for the part of the URL after


In that URL paulregan73 is my Picasa user name and will remain on the new URL we'll create.

Now add the following to the .htaccess file, replace picasauser with your specific account name.

RewriteRule ^picasauser(.*)$1 [NC,P,L] #Rev proxy picasa
RewriteRule ^m(.*)$1 [NC,P,L] #Rev proxy mobile picasa

The first rule means you can now hit the Picasa files using :

NB// Of course this only works for public galleries and not private/https - the cert will fail for private.

The second rule takes care of mobile users. Google will redirect them to /m. Having this rule seems to take care of that.

EDIT : 24/8/2011 - Google seem to be switching the user id part of the URL from the name to a numerical representation of you google id.

So a new line in My .htaccess :

RewriteRule ^102726977217362443519(.*)$1 [NC,P,L] #Rev proxy picasa url to

It also looks like Google are redirecting all mobile access to https. So the ^m(.*) above still works if you specify the full mobile url, eg something like :

but when you use a regular link and hit it with a mobile client the https gets in the way and your dumped on the picasa login screen ... booooo. I'll keep playing with this but I don't see a way around it, which kind makes the whole thing worthless now. Maybe Google will let us use our own domains in the future, a-la blogger ..