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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Extend Windows 7 VirtualBox Disk

  1. Use the VirtualBox client to create a new disk of the size you want in the same directory as your guest.
  2. Clone the old disk to the new.  Open a command prompt, navigate to the guest directory and run :
  3. VBoxManage clonehd   --existing
  4. Attach the new disk to the guest and detach the old disk.  Ensure the new disk is first in the list / SATA 0
  5. Guest should now boot up.  If you find it asks you to select a boot disk then the order is incorrect as per step 3
  6. Open Windows disk manager, It will currently show the old size with #GB free.  Right click, extend, follow the prompts.
  7. Confirm everything is good and you can delete the old disk.
Thats it, you're done ...