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Thursday, 23 January 2014

64-bit Linux, 32-bit Chrome & Cisco AnyConnect

Obvious when you think about it but 32Bit Chrome will fail to connect to make the initial the SSL/HTTPs connection and so download/prompt for the client.

Switch to Firefox (Other 64Bit browsers are available) and you'll be good.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Blocking Facebook Connect/Graph

Browsing the web and you hit a site that displays your friends list, or suggests you 'like' this page because xyz of your friends also do.

Never paid that much attention until my g/f today mentioned my friends appear on sites she looks at. Of course they do! WTF did I never consider this.

Not that we have that type of secret relationship but when I started digging into Facebook connect, or now graph as it seems to be the more I hated it.

I'm way late to this party but to block this:

  1. Install AdBlock - & pay this guy money, its a great product!
  2. Create some filters to block access to the connect URLs

and/or add these to the filter list:^$|||^$|||^$|||^$|||
Thats it.