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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Suunto Vyper Battery Replacement

Tools : Small flat head screwdriver, tweezers or small cross head screwdriver
Parts : Battery replacement kit

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  • REMOVE THE STRAPS !! all the other documentation I found neglected to mention this when they simply state - Remove the computer from the boot.
Use the small flat head screw driver and remove the straps like any other watch. The straps are held in place by a bar with a spring on each end. Use the screw driver to push the spring in and the strap will come out. Now spend 10 mins trying to find the bar as it pinged off.

  • There are two holes holding the batter cover in place. I had a handy pair of tweezers or a small cross head will do. Rotate the cover clockwise and it will lift out.

  • Use the flat head or tweezers to ease the cover off. This should be tight as its where the o-ring is. If you plan to re-use the o-ring (not recommended) then be very carful not to ruin it.

  • Lift of the black retaining bar and switch the battery. Don't touch the front or back. Again, tweezers useful, don't forget to put the black bar back on.

  • I used the replacement o-ring and applied some silicon grease. Same stuff used to lubricate camera o-rings.

  • Now this part was tricky. I don't know if the o-ring was slightly bigger or just a better fit but it needed a fair amount of force to push it down and hold it there while also trying to get the cover back on. You'll work it out.

  • Complete

I dropped it into a bucket of water, not a great test but better than nothing. No dive trips planned for a while so I wont find out if its 100% OK either.

Some useful links ..

Battery replacement video

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