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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Blackberry Email & MDS Simulator on Windows 7


After spending sometime working it out the Tomcat app needs write access to the %Program Files% directory.  Which windows 7 blocks .. to fix :

  1. Via the folder properties go to your security tab.
  2. In the bottom half you have the permissions listed for users, click the Advanced button
  3. Now go to the Owner tab, click Edit button (you will be asked for permision if UAC is at default
  4. Change owner to your account and be sure to check the ‘Replace owner on subcontainers and objects’ and click Apply button. this results in all files including system files being switched to your account as owner!
  5. Now in the ‘Advanced Security Settings for (your folder)’ you need to edit the permissions: select your account (the one you just used to take ownership) and click Edit button.
  6. You now see the Permissions tab and you need to again select your user account. (ensure that the permission is Full Control) check the lower ‘Replace all existing inheritable permissions…’ box and click Apply.

I also found running the app from Start Menu failed and needed to execute 'run.bat' from a command line.

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