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Monday, 24 October 2011

OCD, me !?

A conversation in the office on how to lace shoes, something I have very strong feelings about,  resulted in me making a list :
  1. Shoe laces must be over not under and be symmetrical.
  2. If a shirt has button down collars - use them !
  3. Shirt/T-shirts are not allowed to have the top button done up.  Unless a tie is involved.
  4. Under no circumstance will anyone touch my screens with fingers.
  5. Toilet rolls, over not under.
  6. Cables will not be crossed in my data centre.
  7. Wooden cutlery, simply not allowed.
  8. Rattles in car.  Must be found.
  9. Plastic film on remote controls/electronic devices - not allowed and will be removed ASAP.

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