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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Blogger, double line spacing

This has been bugging the crap out of me for ages so I finally sat down this evening and worked it out.  Or at least I worked a work-around out !

When creating posts blogger would kindly add </br> tags into the html. </br> is a HTML line break.  So when writing a post with CR to create a single line space for a paragraph blogger would kindly add a br tags all over the place, and so you end up with double line spacing.

Note:Changing the line break options made bugger all difference.

I had my default blogger font as Trebuchet but in the WYSIWIG blogger editor the font would show as Times Roman.  Each blog post I created I'd select all and use the font drop down to show me the correct font.

Bingo ! .. its at that point blogger gets all crazy with the br tags.

What I hadn't realised is if you leave the editor font alone and look at the preview then you get the default font you've set in the blog template design.  And if you don't change the font in the editor then blogger never inserts the </br> tag.

I am happy now.  No more switching to HTML view and deleting tags ..

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