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Monday, 12 January 2015

QNAP TS-509 & NetGear GS716T Port Trunk

I don't particularly need a 2GB trunk from the NAS but a recent switch upgrade to a NetGear managed switch, GS716T (which for £120 is bloody good value) gave me the option.

Set the NAS for bonded 802.3ad & created the LAG group on the switch.  Easy.

Two days later I noticed my Windows machines had lost their SMB mounts, Linux boxes all fine. Disabling one of the NAS bonded ports brought it all back.

I suspected some kind of ARP timeout.  Switched the LAG port from STATIC to LACP and all was well.  And has remained so.  No idea why Windows was FUBAR and not Linux and without cracking open Wireshark I can only guess.

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