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Saturday, 16 May 2009


I just had my second shoulder arthroscopy and subacromial decompression (right shoulder) 4 weeks after my left shoulder was done. Same surgeon Simon Moyes @ the Wellington Hospital.

So far so good, similar pain as previous op. In fact very little. The nurses kept trying to pump me full of morphine but it was fine. Left shoulder is still a bit weak and I'm not allowed to raise it over 90ยบ for another 1-2 weeks. In fact it goes over, I tried it in the first week. Then physiotherapy starts.

So now I have to sit around not doing much for 6 weeks while the right heals ..

Then finally back to the gym and pain free shoulders - well pain free 'er than before I hope.

I'd had shoulder pain for 2-3 years in my left after a fall playing sport. I had physio at the time and it healed OK ... I then think I started down the normal man down gym routine and didn't pay too much attention to posture. Causing my shoulders to get impinged. More physio which didn't really work and finally an MRI scan revealed a genetic problem. The
supraspinatus tendon was basically taking a chicane as it went under the acromion. Made worse by being 30+ apparently. Tendons thicken !? .. so the operations main goal was to shave some of the bone away to allow that tendons path to smooth out. They also cleaned up some arthritus and fully re-attached the bicep tendon which they think got damaged in the fall 3-4 years ago ..

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