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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Engine Cover

Step one: Park the car on a flat surface, leave the car in gear, and set the parking brake.

Step two: Open the convertible top approximately 24 inches; just enough to raise the rear cover to its highest point. Now remove the key from the ignition, to prevent accidental operation of the top.

Step three: Disconnect two tension rope the ball–pivots located on either side of the convertible top. Just pry gently, and they should pop right off. You may need to remove the convertible top hinge covers (if not now then later to access the Bose speaker plug).

Step four: Release the cloth cover. Gently pull straight down on the plastic cover, preferably right at the clip holders (there are two) one is shown below. By the way, that’s a “mid” strut bar.

Step five: Lift the top up and grab the attached strap to secure the back of the top. I used a bungee cord to help. You just want to secure the back of the top so it’s out of the way.


This is the access you’ll have after removing the speaker and carpet cover.

Step six. Remove the Bose speaker by rotating the four black twist – locks. They secure the Bose speaker. Then you can rotate it to get better access to the plug connection.


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