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Monday, 24 May 2010

iPhone Cisco VPN 3030

The iPhone has a default MAC OS VPN client which I easily got connected to the corp VPN appliances we have.  Cisco 3030.

Trouble was I could'nt seem to get the proxy settings to kick in on Safari.  When connected on the VPN I could browse external sites but nothing internally.  I Installed a few more network apps, ping, ssh etc and narrowed it down to DNS not working.  And not working only for some apps ! ie Safari !

A Quick Google and I stumbled across a post advising to set the local domains in the split DNS names part of the IPSec group config, under the client config tab.  Did this and everything works a treat ..


Official Apple support for the 3xxx series is vague, but it works fine ..

Update : 24/05/2010

Tested against ASA 5540 with IPSec VPN and it works fine.  The Same issue with DNS exists.  Add the domains to the ASA Group Policy assigned to the IPSec Connection Profile ...

Apparently the next release of IPhone OS supports SSL VPN .. If it does I'll try it ..

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