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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

iPhone duplicate contacts

Note entirely clear on this, nor can I reproduce it .. But I'm writing it down so next time I can try the same method.

With my Blackberry I could sync my Gmail & Domino contacts perfectly using the native BB OS and Google sync.

On the the iPhone Google support contact syncing with Active Sync.  And seeing as the OS only supports a single Exchange ActiveSync, which on mine is configured for our corp email - Lotus Notes Traveller(LNT), then I needed plan B.

I opted to disable LNT contact sync and make use of the iTunes Sync to Gmail.  This was all working fine until one morning I noticed my phone contacts had 5 or 6 duplicates.  They where identical in content although on some the fields where in different order.  Some of the duplicates contained lots of information and some just an email.

Regardless of what I did I couldn't remove them.  Theres plenty of hits on google none of which resolved.

In the end I picked on one of the contacts and deleted it from the phone and gmail.  Sync'd the device, contact gone, good.  Added them back as a Gmail contact, synced the device - warning, you are changing >25% of contacts.  Odd, I have a backup so clicked yes.

Bingo, all duplicates gone !

I've since tried to reproduce the problem, edited local contacts, Gmail contacts etc  .. But each time the sync works fine, and as expected.

Will keep an eye on it ... to be continued ...................

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  1. thanks for taking time to post this. Very helpful tips. Another alternative is a new service from Scrubly The service scans and removes duplicate contacts from your Outlook, Gmail and Google Apps accounts. The nice thing about this service is that it gives you the option of viewing the contacts to be merged in advance and picking and choosing the info you want to merge so you have complete control over the merged data. It also keeps a backup of your contacts.