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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Upgrading Thompson TG585-V7 DSL Router

The box will totally loose its config when you do this  .. IP, admin password, ALL
  1. Backup the config and put a copy locally.
  2. Apply firmware using the upgrade utility.
  3. The FW upgrade will revert the router to its default subnet -
  4. Browse to
    • UID : Administrator
    • PW  : Serial Number of router
  5. Restore config from #1
  6. The upgrade seems to loose some of the MAC / device names, if you've defined them.  If you can be bothered re-define the devices.
  7. Change the WLAN back to your key, the firmware applies the default keys.
If you'd previously modified the default DNS servers you'll need to correct this as the fw adds the BE server and makes it default.  Below is how to clean up and add the OpenDNS servers ..

nb// is a local DNS server on my network.

Telnet to your modem by running ‘telnet′ replace the with your modem’s ipaddress a login with the Administrator account.

Type :
  1. dns server route
  2. list - to list your current DNS settings. Write these down somewhere so you’ll be able to change them back if you want to. 
  3. flush - to delete all dns servers in the list.  
  4. add dns= intf=Dynamic_IP  - adds first OpenDNS server.  
  5. add dns= metric=1 intf=Dynamic_IP - second Opendns server. 
  6. list - should show the applied changes

Then type saveall to save these new settings. And finally exit to exit the telnet session. You should now able to browse the web using OpenDNS.

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