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Friday, 27 August 2010

Adding other directories to Drop Box

Drop Box is a brilliant app for syncing files between different PC's & OS's via the cloud.
Highly recommended !

By default Drop Box will only monitor and sync files and directories in the folder you set up, or by default \Users\User\Documents\My DropBox.

To add 'other' files you can create a symbolic link in the drop box directory to the external area.

Start a command prompt
(Depending on your OS then you may need to start a command prompt as Administrator)

mklink /d {source} {destination}
mklink /d "C:\Path\To\My Dropbox Folder\" "\Path\to\directory"
Pathto can be a UNC or mapped drive letter. 
In your drop box folder will now be the link, which will appear exactly like another folder.

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