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Friday, 17 September 2010

Canon D30, Tamron 18-270 & Long Exposures

On vacation in France, a private waterfall at our disposal. A perfect chance to try my recently purchased tripod to see if I can create some of those silky water shots.

Sat there for an hour playing with settings thinking I was great. Checked them later and they where pretty much all blurred.

Two mins googling and a link with disabling image stabilisation on the lens. Bingo. On the Tamron its actually VC (I forget the acronym). Tried a couple of test shots and it appears problem solved.

Back to the waterfall tomorrow afternoon.

I also found that VC doesn't actually work in the timed (10 seconds) shot mode. But it does seem to make a difference when the d30 takes the picture. So turn it off.

Not sure what other lens do this. I'll hopefully find out soon when I buy my bosses 'L's.


  1. I'd heard that people turn it off for tripod based portraiture too... Would be interested in your exposure settings for these shots ;)

  2. Sounds like anything on a Tripod then turn it off.

    I went from 1 second up to 4 at one point just to see what happened, but the best i found was 1-1.5 f22.

    I might try a PS merges when I get home aswell :)