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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

JIRA Regex mail handler and Domino

I've been building a JIRA project to consolidate a number of tickets systems that we use. As a previous JIRA hater I started the project with some trepidation. After a month I've actually come right around. I've managed to build something which now has pretty much the same functions as the other bespoke domino systems we use/used and extra. Including some nice workflows for ops work which would impact dev and production.

Something thats bugged us all is the email reply into comments. Our primary mail client, Domino, really wants you to use reply with history, its top of all the menu's, its hard not to pick it. But doing this with JIRA means ALL the email, including history goes into the comment. When a few people get going on email the ticket very quickly becomes un-readable.

Using just 'reply' or 'reply internet style' can be made to work, but both require a conscious decision.

Looking for a way around this the regex mail handler looked promising. My initial attempt :

project=NAME, issuetype=##, createusers=false, splitregex=/From:/gi

Failed, the regex looks OK to me. A ticket with Atlassian came back with the suggestion :

project=NAME, issuetype=##, createusers=false, splitregex=/From:*/

Which works fine .. no more email junk even if the user replies with history.

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