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Friday, 22 July 2011

Adding CoolIris embed to PhpBB

 Under the 'posting' section in the ACP.

Create a new BBCode :

BBCode :

HTML replacement :

<script type="text/javascript"         src="">
  <div id="wall{INTTEXT}{IDENTIFIER2}">    <script>
        var flashvars = {
            feed: encodeURIComponent("api://{INTTEXT}&album={IDENTIFIER2}")
        var params = {
             allowFullScreen: "true",
             allowscriptaccess: "always"
            "wall{INTTEXT}{IDENTIFIER2}", "600", "450", "9.0.0", "",
            flashvars, params);

NB// This JS code is from  I made two changes from the original blog post.  '#' dropped and {SIMPLETEXT} added to the BBCode.

Assuming it saves OK you can now test this by manually adding a URL between the [cooliris][/cooliris] tags.  If it all works OK you can go back to the code edit and enable the 'Display on posting page' and add a little help text.

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