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Saturday, 9 July 2011

First play with Amazon Web Services

and I'm impressed, very impressed.

Created an S3 (storage) bucket and copied part of my personal website content. Click the enable website option, set the permission 'everyone' and list. It shows the URL the buckets available at and your done, files are available to browse, or in my case link to. All very easy.

I used Gladinet Cloud Desktop to move files back and forth. Throw your user details at it and it creates a drive mapping (Windows) straight to your S3 buckets.

As something else to try I also created an EC2 (server) instance (Linux, free) which was also painless. During the instance setup you have the opportunity to create an key pair which you then use with an SSH client to connect to the public interface, a DNS entry created on the fly by AWS. Its a Linux server with all the normal Linux functions you'd expect.

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