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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Puppy Linux Full Install

  1. Download and create the Puppy linux LiveCD/LIveUSB
  2. Boot the PC using #1
  3. Follow the options to configure the screen res and then the locale options
  4. Prepare the disk, if you need.  Menu -> System -> GParted.  Delete/create the partitions as you need and restart the PC.  Don't save settings
  5. Install the files to disk.  Menu -> Setup -> Puppy universal installer. Follow the prompts to select your local disk.
  6. Install Grub. Menu -> System -> Grub legacy boot loader.  Follow the prompts and when asked select your local disk, eg /dev/sda1 and make sure you select destination to MBR.
Puppy Linux installed on 9 year old Sony Vaio.  I thank you.  

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