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Saturday, 17 July 2010

The car gods shined down on me

Bertie (the boxster) MOT & Porsche 111 point check for the extended warranty.  There was I expecting an enormous invoice but all we got was a PASS & another PASS.  Even the tires will be OK for the 3000 mile French blast in September.

The OPC (Official Porsche Centre) in Mid-Sussex, Burgess Hill have been fantastic throughout the whole process, purchase and after care.  And they didn't slap us with a massive bill, al thought I'm braced for that ..

And in addition we got to spend the day in a Porsche Panamera 4 courtesy car.  The new 4 seater luxury, family market saloon(?).  Whatever its aimed at it was a fantastic car.  I was in gadget heaven and pulled some good looks from passers by.  

Oh, I just looked up price ! .. starting at £66,900 - no wonder we got funny looks with Vanilla Ice cranked up.  Probably thought it was stolen.

Couple of niggles which would bug the crap out of me if I owned one, not that I can afford it ..
  • The warp factor 1 & 2 buttons (Sports & Sports Plus) are on the centre console but on the other side of the shift stick.  They'd be better on the drivers side.  I'm guessing this a RHD conversion cost saving thing.
  • Whatever I tried I couldn't get road numbers - other than seriously main ones, to appear on the sat nav.
  • The fuel gauge takes about 5 mins to really display what's in the tank after filling up.  A pain when you have to get the car back with 'just under full'.

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