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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Just going out to vacuum the car ...... 11 hours later

What started as a quick inside clean quickly turned into a mammoth car cleaning lasting 11 hours over two days.

I'd bought all the products months ago and never got around to using them.  But today it was out with the wax, clay and all the other expensive things that had never been used.  In for a penny ..

Day 1

Starting with that quick vacuum.  All the inside wiped down, vacuumed and treated with leather and vinyl products.

Washed the outside with Dodo Juice born to be mild shampoo.  Hosed down and clayed with dodo mild clay.  This was actually way easier than I thought it would be and surprisingly little crap came off the car.

Dried the car and cracked open the dodo juice lime prime lite.  Followed the instructions and did a panel at a time and buffed it off.

Wax coat number one.  Another dodo juice product.  Purple haze.  Went on and came off just remarkably easily. 

Its getting late and the wax needs to cure over night so I turned my attention to the wheels.  Really they are the catalyst for this.  When we were in Wales a few weeks ago allot of the roads where being re-surfaced and unbeknown to me tar and stones had welded themselves onto the inside of the wheels like limpets. 

So a quick soapy wash and then to google for 'clean tar from wheels' search.

Day 2

Wax coat number 2 .. 

Wheels.  Other than expensive products, which I'm certainly not against, the best answer for the tar seems to be good 'ol WD40.  Soak a the corner of a rag and start with the elbow grease.  IT WORKS !  Just takes hours.

Once the tar was off then another wash, rinse and dry. Applied some Rim Wax (snigger) and some vinyl dressing to the plastic and rubber seals, and under the bonnet, and the outside of the tires.

And finished ... An epic session.  But I'm actually really pleased with the results and you can actually feel the coating of wax, which I was surprised by.

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