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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Blackberry to iPhone

We're a Domino shop and have an onsite BES server but needed to provide email access to other handhelds.  IBM have a product called Lotus Notes Traveller which supports iPhone, Windows & Symbian by default.  Its possible to get Android working using a simulator - we installed this a few weeks back with good feedback.

So being the dedicate support professional that I am I decided it was time to switched my Blackberry Storm for an iPhone which I did last week. Shame huh ..

So far so good, LNT works relativly well.  Once big downside is it needs a constant connection to the LNT server.  Which means you cant delete or send anymail with no service.  A pain as I used to clean out the days mail chuff while travelling home on the underground.

But other than that the iPhone is great .. Messing around with VPN, SIP phone to Call Manager and some networking apps.  As well as the paper toss, Google earth etc :)

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