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Sunday, 28 February 2010

TVersity & Windows 7

My ongoing quest to enable all my media on my iPhone has led me back into the world of TVersity.  I've previously used this way back when to push MP3 content to my PS3.  I then got my hands on a NAS which I installed MediaTomb on making TVersity redundant.

MediaTomb & the NAS works fine for just MP3 streaming but for Video its CPU is just too slow.  So I've just been using the PS3 web browser and navigate to the NAS running Apache to show a file list and play from there.  Which work's great.

The iPhone on the other hand can't do the same.  I'd previously installed Plug Player which found MediaTomb and the music with no problems ..

So Enter TVersity again.  Installed it on my office PC, Windows 7.  Installed fine and I could browse to http://server:41951 but couldn't see the UPnP server either from PC's, PS3 or from PlugPlayer iPhone app.

The Tversity Trouble Shooting FAQ was the answer :

If the computer running the media server has more than one network interface, you need to make sure that the the TCP binding order on your machine is such that the network interface on which it is supposed to communicate with the media player appears first.
Start |  Control Panel | Network & Internet | View Network Status & Tasks | Change adaptor settings | Advanced | Advanced Settings.

I have Cisco VPN client installed which had inserted into top position.  Pushed my onboard NIC to the top and bingo.  All my devices see Tversity.

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