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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Awake at 06:30 - fuck its cold in the desert. If any bugs survived last night’s temperature plummet then good luck to them, tomorrow they can feast.

We got up early to go on the morning drive, or so we thought. Some confusion caused by now named 'hat man' - one of the local guides. We thought there was a AM and PM drive, actually its just PM. So we had breakfast and christened my Barmah hat with a 2 hour walk around the dunes along with the resident kudo and her baby. We stumbled across Meer cat manor, vlads long lost family.

Although at 7-7:30 its fleece and long trousers, by 8-8:15 is warm enough for shorts. So at least today’s mistake was a good lesson for the other early morning starts on the trip.

Sun downer trip arranged for evening. Spotted some local game, Kudo, Oryx and some others that I've already forgotten the names of.

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