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Friday, 18 September 2009

London, UK to Windhoek, Namibia (via Frankfurt)

Due to a recent purchase of a totally in-appropriate car it meant our normal itinerary of getting to Heathrow and driving the car and parking at the parents wasn’t possible. So East London to London Heathrow Terminal 5 this year involved navigating the DLR and tube with two bloody great bags and rucksacks. The TFL website estimated 1:40 journey time, 1:40 my arse - there must be a thousand stops on the Piccadilly line. Flight departs at 16:45 to Frankfurt. So we left at 13:00 heading for the Piccadilly line rather than Heathrow express which leaves from Paddington. Journey went swimmingly; luckily all the interchange stations had lifts - something we'd completely overlooked.

LHR - my bag over weight, actually really overweight, 32KG. Payup or leave stuff behind. £25, thank you BA. Maybe the North Face trek bag with 10KG of protection before clothes wasn’t such a good idea, or maybe I just packed to many clothes - I think the latter.

Customs confiscated the cooler blocks for our ice bag.. And then Frankfurt customs confiscated water we'd bought for the flight.

And what’s with T5. There’s enough space at check in for 3 terminals but as soon as you’re past security the queue and space for the metal detectors is tiny. Shoes off/shoes on, belt on/belt off... Make your mind up!

Windhoek - Night flight from Frankfurt so slept most of the journey. Oh, and Air Namibia give the most space I've ever seen to First/Premium class, not that we were in it. But we’ll be enquiring for last minute upgrades on the way back , you never know.

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