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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Mowani Mountain Camp to Estosha - Okaukuejo

Normal gravel roads, we stopped at Outjo for petrol and some beer and wine. The supermarket was an experience, way more busy than we're used to and I guess as it’s the last stop before the park there’s lots of street selling and pestering. We seem to have got the hang of walking off.

The accommodation this time was out our first government run place. Heard and read polar reviews so we were a little apprehensive. No reason to be. We're staying in one of the water hole bungalows which is modern, clean and boutique hotel in its styling. Really impressed, and, it has a birds eye air conditioned view of the water hole!

We checked in and went straight out for a drive.. Around 16:00. Went towards the water holes in the west of the park. Didn’t stop at any but on loop back to the camp two cars where stopped looking at what appeared nothing. Closer work with the binoculars and Rays pap lens picked out three, three !! Lions .. What looked like two young boys and a girl just lying down. It was 17:30 and the park gates close at 18:45. We waited, we waited and where rewarded. The main lad got up and started walking while his two friends/siblings lagged behind. We followed him along the road to which he gradually got nearer to. I hope those pictures come out!!

We made it back to camp with about 5 mins to spare before the gates close. The next issue was the food. Buffett which always sets Max off. But again, way better than expected. The staff where friendly and welcoming and the meat was cooked to order.
Water hole at night - When we got back from dinner there was a herd of elephants,, maybe 20-25. Loads of giraffe and three White Rhino. Queue 20 mins of me trying to work Rays Pap camera in the dark. Needless to say the pictures are crap, but enough to act as a reminder of a crazy night of animal visits.

In day one we have pretty much achieved all the big game possible, Leopard and Cheetah excluded.

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