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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Windhoek to Bagatelle Kalahari Gameranch

Collected the car from Euro Car, Hyundai Tuscan, Toosan, something like that - 4 door 2x4 hatchback from Eurocar and hit the road. Saw a pride of baboons within minutes. Windhoek seemed OK for the brief part we drove through. Its Africa, we were worried about being rolled as we left the airport but its fine, much like South Africa, well Cape Town and the South, no need for the fake grab bag with old credit cards and money we'd made up, and promptly left in the boot/trunk anyway!

Arrived at Bagatelle Ranch via 15K of gravel road, the rest of the380km journey was tarmac. The white car aint so white now. Beautiful location on the edge of the Kalahari Desert with two days of relaxation planned with maybe a couple of excursions around the local area.

Snooze in the afternoon and an excellent dinner of Ostrich, Kudo stew and pumpkin. Followed by I think the best apple crumble I've ever had.

Some interesting fellow guests. Gouk Ghan and his grey haired boyfriend playing footsy, the three bottles of wine Germans and the brilliantly excitable girl and boyfriend/husband (they could be honeymooners) from the plane. So we'll be seeing them all the way round the country.

Went overboard on the insect prevention. Repellent, plug-in and net over the bed.

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