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Monday, 21 September 2009

Bagatelle Kalahari Gameranch to Wolwedans Dune Camp

400km drive to Walwedans dune camp, left @ 09:00, arrived at 13:15. Gravel road from Maltahoe. At the end of town the road signs for C19 completely disappeared and the road turned into gravel - pretty scary as there’s a fair drive before we actually got to the sign for the C19 with no bugger around to help/ask. The road to the camp is totally 4x4, big rocks, sand drifts etc. Driving across Zarishootgte pass was crazy and certainly needs a high clearance vehicle. No prius drivers here. Once you turn off for the road to Walwedans its pretty rocky for the first 1km and then turns sandy. Met at the main reception area by a guide called 'Promise' - seriously. He drove us up to the Dune Camp, theres also the Dune Lodge and the Private Camp for the Hollywood stars. In fact Angelina and Brad hired entire site for their visit, no private camp for them.

We met and had lunch with three other German guests from Munich who also turned out to also to be our companions during the activities. We'd been assigned a guide called Dinesh who we'd meet at 17:00 for the sundowner drive.

The accommodation is a tent!!! Brilliant. Doors can be left wide open 24 Hours with fantastic views over the mountain and sunrise. There’s no electricity and the water is solar heated. Luckily the guide book had told us this so everything electrical was super charged before we left Baggatelle.

Evening sundowner with our new companions Ben, Lisa and thier daughter Anna. A short drive with a story about fairy circles. And then drinks watching the sunset. Dinesh found (I say found they seem to have a diesel addiction and immediately gather around the Land Rover when it stops) and explained about the Armoured Cricket AKA - Brown Booby. And how it ingeniously eats any part of its body thats causing pain, but this ultimately means 'the brown boobie can eat itself to death'.

Dinner was a communal affair with all the guests in the dune camp - 11. Met a Dutch couple of which the guy - Mike is a serious amateur/semi pro wildlife photographer, currently in the final 7 of national geographic with what sounds like a stunning photo of a tree frog.

Excellent four course dinner, main being Zebra. Plenty of wine, seriously plenty of wine flowing.

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